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We offer bookkeeping services and accounts receivable support to your business in or near Mooresville.

At Construction Admin & Accounting Pros, we have decades of experience with common business needs like bookkeeping services and handling accounts receivable. We can provide expert training to you and your staff about how to handle these crucial aspects of your successful business, or we can take care of your daily bookkeeping needs for you, replacing your back office with full accounting, payroll, quarterly tax remittance and bookkeeping support. Our services allow you to focus on growing your client base in the area near Mooresville, North Carolina. You will be successfully completing projects and planning for the future.

Accounts Receivable in Mooresville, North Carolina

When we handle your accounts receivable, our services include the following and more:

  • Invoicing: We can generate invoices based on time and material.
  • AIA Contract Documents: Don’t worry over G702, G703, or progress billing. We will take care of it.
  • Accounts Payable
  • Phase-based services: We can generate payout schedules based on money received in each phase of a job and enter invoices by the phase as well.
  • Release of Liens
  • Check Runs, Bank Reconciliation

Our services are especially valuable to those in the construction industry because we also have experience with various construction software programs, allowing us to quickly understand your past and ongoing projects. We can also provide accounting clean-up and customized accounting reports for businesses, allowing you to analyze which of your services provides the best profit margin and which ones have a negative return. We can help with complex issues and provide privacy and security for your business. Call today to learn more or to discuss how we can help handle your accounts receivable.